Myth or Fact

Dogs can see color.    
  • FACT. It has been determined that dogs can see color, although not as well as humans.

If your dog’s nose is dry, he is sick         

  • MYTH. The dryness of your dog’s nose is not an indication that he is ill.

To control dandruff, the more baths the better.      

  • MYTH. Over-bathing your dog can create dry skin issues. Also be aware of using human shampoos with     harsh chemicals.

Dogs eat grass when they are sick.                     

  • FACT. Some dogs will eat grass when they have a gastrointestinal issue. But in general, eating grass is a common practice for many dogs.

Dogs should not eat grains.

  • MYTH. Since dogs are omnivores, grains are as vital to their diet as protein.

The largest dog is the Irish Wolfhound.

  • FACT. The domesticated Irish Wolfhound is the largest breed of dog. Its name was derived from the fact that       it was used for hunting wolves.

Raw meat diets are good for your dog.   

  • FACT.  Raw diets may be of concern due to the possible incidence of bacteria and parasites. Also, raw diets may be missing certain nutrients that your dog needs.

 A dog’s mouth is sterile.         

  • MYTH. Your dog’s mouth is not sterile. It goes to many places that can create an un-sterile environment.





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